API Services, LLC is a full service agency for commercial and industrial food service equipment. We specialize in parts sales for Somat equipment. We service Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New York including Manhatten and Long Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Northern Maryland to Washington, DC.

API Services has a large used parts inventory. If you have a large dollar item that needs replacement and do not want to spend the amount required, API Services probably has it in stock. This includes motors and gear reducers. ALL of our used components come with a warranty.

Interested in a USED Somat Pulper? Call to check availability of a USED pulper and corresponding warranty(s).

Call Jerry or John for help with your Parts Order or Used Component Order at 717-548-7061 or 610-689-4299. If you are an existing Serviced customer, Jerry can offer significant parts discounts for online orders.

The Left Hand Column contains listings for Somat Equipment. Each section lists a machine category divided by ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL or PLUMBING. This is intended to help navigate for parts by Somat Machine Model. If you know any of the part name or Somat Part number, enter these into the Search Engine and the system will locate your parts for you.

API Services offers late day shipping, up to 3:30PM in most cases.

Do you have a Somat Pulper that has issues with the LEVEL control system? API Services has a factory authorized upgrade that will eliminate all level control issues! If you have Service Work Orders with Items such as AIR PUMP or PRESSURE SWITCH replacement, this UPGRADE will eliminate these service calls because it changes the level control operating principle for your Somat Machine. This upgrade works for the Hobart WPS1200 and WPR1200 as well. For Hobart Systems, we only recommend this upgrade after the original factory warranty has expired.

Have a recurring issue that does not seem to get resolved? Call API Services, LLC and schedule a courtesy no-charge visit to introduce ourselves and evaluate your issue.

API Services, LLC has many parts in our end of year inventory reduction effort. We can offer as much as 25% off on some components. If the part you need is a common wearable item, it is LIKELY to be discounted. If you have a component in mind, call Jerry or John to see what discount applies. THANK YOU!